My name is Alejandra Salinas. I am a teacher since 2004. With my training in the Humanities area, I have discovered in the Education the  best way to develop my professional knowledge. Sharing that I know  is my way to contribute to this society. As a Spanish teacher is very motivating for me the possibility to contribute to the learning of a new culture through the study of the language. I am convinced that music, literature and variants of Spanish are very gratifying to be able to share “lo mexicano” and review different cultural aspects of other Latin American countries, according to the interests of each student.

I have taught at the High School in the subjects of Writing, Analysis of Literary Texts, Greek, Latin and Greek and Latin Etymologies at the biggest university in México (UNAM).  Workshops on Research Methodology designed and delivered at the National Pedagogical University and the Institute of Communication and Philosophy. I also collaborate in the digital magazine Zospi (editing department)

Degree in Classical Literature (University Autonomous of Mexico), Master in Classical Philology from the University of Salamanca (Spain) and Specialist in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language by the Center for Teaching for Foreigners (CEPE) of the UNAM.

In addition to my work, I love languages, learning new things, traveling, painting and swimming

Alejandra Salinas
Spanish teacher