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Learn Spanish

I have a new proposal to learn Spanish. My goal is to offer you the necessary tools to learn the Spanish language or improve your knowledge in it, according to your needs and interests.

100% personalized courses, wherever you are.

Whererver you are

Now you can learn from your favourite place (home, school, office, park, etc.) and at the time that best suits you. You just need to have an internet connection and a Skype account.



You can improve your communication and comprehension skills in Spanish. I know the importance of personalized learning and that’s why my commitment is to accompany you on your way.

Visiting Mexico

Spanish for travelers and visitors in Mexico.

On your next visit or stay in Mérida, Mexico, learn to communicate quickly and effectively in the classes for travelers. You will have enough time to learn what is necessary to communicate and explore the city and the surrounding area.

Why study Spanish?

Spanish is the language with the second most native speakers in the world. It is the official language in 20 countries and although it is not an official language, it is spoken in the United States, Belize, Andorra and Gibraltar. So, if you love travel, don`t hesitate! Learning Spanish
will allow you to better know the culture and people in many different countries.

Furthermore, with so many countries that speak Spanish, the cultural offer (literature or science books, movies, series, museums, etc.) is also very wide.


If you want to learn Spanish, I offer you a variety of courses with different levels that will allow you to go step by step to express yourself in this language.

In order for students to learn not only the language but also a bit of Mexican culture, different activities are performed to commemorate important dates.








In my lessons I work with the book “Nuevo Prisma”. And activities designed by myself. In addition, for advanced levels, we use real material for a more authentic immersion in the language.

Frequency of classes

Classes: Twice a week (recommended)

The schedule is flexible and adjusts to your available time. (Time Zone: Mérida, México)

Age limit

I consider that there is no age limit to learning, or to making your dreams a reality!
So, when you are ready to start, let’s begin!

Other languages

It is no necessary to know another language. If necessary I will use English in class, but the goal is to conduct the lessons entirely in Spanish so that you have a total immersion experience from the first class. You will be able to understand and speak Spanish from the first session, 100% guaranteed.



  • Online Lessons: The payment is by Paypal or Transferwise.
  • Classroom Lessons: Cash payment

How many lessons should I take?

Packages of 6, 8, 10 or 12 lessons.

Payment is made halfway through the course.


“I studied with Alejandra for more that a year and ror me she’s the perfect teacher.
Alejandra is flexible and attentive to your personal educational needs, she’ll work with you on your personal blanks in the grammar, answer all your questions and find a perfect balance of fun and hard work, so that you can improve quickly while still enjoying your classes. I totally recommend her to any Spanish learner of any age and level. ”   ~Olga

“I have been studying Spanish with Alejandra by Skype for about a year, and I’m experiencing a lot of progress in my language. When I started to learn Spanish I couldn’t say a word and now I can speak to the locals while being in Spain for a vacation 🙂  I like our classes very much. We always discuss interesting topics, so I can learn more not only language-wise but also about life in Spanish speaking countries.” – Tatiana

“I took classes with Alejandra while I was in Mexico. I took private classes with her for around 4 months, we met once a week for 2 hours. She is encouraging and supportive. She is always prepared and created a very comfortable learning environment. Alejandra did not only teach me written skills but we focused on pronunciation and fluency. It was through these classes that I really improved! THANK YOU ALEJANDRA!!!”    ~Lealah

“Me alegro muchísimo de haber tomado este gran paso… Alejandra tiene mucha experiencia en la enseñanza de español y en la preparación del examen DELE. Gracias a ella he podido conseguir un nivel alto de DELE.”    ~Abdulhadi

“Alejandra is una Maestra fantastica! Not only is she highly skilled and qualified as a Spanish teacher (and I think she teaches other languages too), she is very passionate about helping people learn. During the week I spent studying with her, she consistently went the extra mile for me, and I made tremendous progress. I highly recommend her and I hope I will have the opportunity to study with her again. Tambien ella es muy sympatica y tiene un buen sentido del humor. I highly recommend her and I hope I will have the opportunity to study with her again.” ~ Sally

“J’ai suivi 30 heures de cours avec Alejandra qui ont été très importantes pour avancer en espagnol. Elle a de grands talents pour expliquer les choses sans jamais utiliser de mots non espagnols. Elle va dessiner, mimer ou utiliser d’autres mots (périphrases) pour nous répondre à nos questions. Elle explique très bien les nuances de la prononciation et ses explications grammaticales et de syntaxe sont toujours claires. C’est dans les cours individuels qu’elle démontre le plus ses talents. Je recommande Alejandra fortement. ¡Hola! He escribado mi recomendación en frances para ayudar a los francofonos la selección de un profesor o profesora de Español. Alejandra es excelente para practicar la conversación y aprender las reglas de gramática y ortografia así como la structura de los frases. He aprendido mucho con ella.” ~ Alain

Why take lesson with me?

With me you will learn in real time, at your own pace. I offer a 100% personalized program that is directed by your specific needs and interests. The activities are adapted to your way of learning.

I believe that the most important thing when we learn a language is to communicate, so in our
classes you will develop your communication skills, you will be able to talk about your topics of
interest and share your concerns.

For me it is important to accompany you during your learning process, that is why I offer activity options with topics of your interest. Actually, you build your language. My objective/goal: to provide you with the support, structures and tools necessary to facilitate your journey through learning Spanish.
As a native speaker of the language, the experience of learning Spanish with me is not limited to the language, I will also teach you about the culture. As a latin woman, I can share my life experiences and my experiences with the Latin American language, so rich in its vocabulary and diversity (not just language). Also, I have lived in Spain during my postgraduate studies, so I can also teach you about Spanish life and culture.
It will be a pleasure working with you.
I’ll see you in class.

About me

My name is Alejandra Salinas. I am a teacher since 2004. With my training in the Humanities area, I have discovered in the Education the best way to develop my professional knowledge.

Degree in Classical Literature (University Autonomous of Mexico), Master in Classical Philology from the University of Salamanca (Spain) and Specialist in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language by the Center for Teaching for Foreigners (CEPE) of the UNAM.

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