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Learn Spanish From Anywhere In The World!

With COVID-19 we’re all encountering the limits of social distancing, but with an internet connection and a Skype account, you can get started right away!

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Visiting Mexico

Spanish lessons for the
With courses designed
specifically for travelers, learn
to communicate efficiently
and effectively for your next
visit to Mexico!

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All Levels Welcome

Courses are available to
absolute beginners,
intermediate speakers, and
even those just looking to
sharpen their skills. Improve
your communication and
comprehension with
personalized lessons
designed specifically for you.

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“I studied with Alejandra for more than a year, and for me she was the perfect teacher. Alejandra is flexible and attentive to your personal educational needs, she’ll work with you on your grammar level, answer all your questions and find a perfect balance of fun and hard work so that you can improve quickly while still enjoying your classes. I totally recommend her to any Spanish learner of any age and level. ” ~ Olga

“I have been studying Spanish with Alejandra by Skype for about a year, and I’m experiencing a lot of progress in my language. When I started to learn Spanish I couldn’t say a word and now I can speak to the locals while being in Spain for a vacation 🙂  I like our classes very much. We always discuss interesting topics, so I can learn more not only language-wise but also about life in Spanish speaking countries.” ~Tatiana

“Me alegro muchísimo de haber tomado este gran paso… Alejandra tiene mucha experiencia en la enseñanza de español y en la preparación del examen DELE. Gracias a ella he podido conseguir un nivel alto de DELE.”    ~Abdulhadi

“When Alejandra teaches Spanish, she teaches you as a friend who cares about your individual interests and needs. She adapts her instruction with you in mind. No wonder her students meet their language goals! She is at the peak of her abilities with many years of experience teaching and learning languages. You will be lucky to have her working with you.” ~Maren

100% Personalized Courses,

Made Just For You

About Me

My name is Alejandra Salinas, and I have been teaching Spanish to people all over the world since 2004. I have a Masters in Classical Philology from the University of Salamanca in Spain, as well as a degree in Classical Literature from the University Autonomous of Mexico, where I received training as a Spanish teacher from the Center of the Teaching for Foreigners (CEPE) at UNAM.

Education is my passion, and with over 20 years of teaching experience, I am confident in my language teaching method. I currently have students living in The United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. My students meet with me via Zoom or Skype. The schedule is built according to my student’s needs. Some students have several sessions a week, while others once a week or bi-weekly. The schedule is entirely up to you.

Rest assured you are in the right hands!

Why take lessons with me?

For one, you can learn Spanish from anywhere in the world, including individual or group immersion classes here in Merida, Mexico. Secondly, I offer 100% personalized programs tailored to your specific language and schedule needs that are dynamic and fun. Together, we’ll develop a curriculum that adapts to your ability allowing you to set your own pace and work load.

In my experience, conversation is the best way to learn a new language. With that in mind, our work will focus on one on one interactions that rapidly improve conversational skills for real life settings. This program can be particularly beneficial to those looking to speak with confidence about specific topics of their choosing whether that’s work, school, travel or even family.

My objective is to provide you with the structure, tools and support you need to facilitate your journey towards fluency. As a native Spanish speaker (and world traveler), our lessons aren’t limited to language and grammar. Having lived in both Mexico and Spain I have an in-depth knowledge of the diverse and rich Spanish history and culture.

It will be a pleasure to work with you!
I’ll see you in class.



Our shared goal is for you to learn Spanish rapidly and stress-free. To that end, we will immerse you in the language by speaking Spanish during the class. If necessary I will use English, but the goal is to create a totally immersive experience from the first class. By the end of our first session, you will be able to understand and speak basic Spanish, 100% guaranteed.


My lessons are designed using a combination of my own materials,
and materials from the book
“Nuevo Prisma”.
For advanced levels, we use realia (authentic input) for a more authentic immersion in the Spanish language.

Frequency of Classes

Classes: Twice a week (recommended)
The schedule is flexible and adjusts to your available time. (Time Zone: Mérida, México)

Age Limit

There’s no age limit to learning!


Online Tutoring:

  • Single 60 minute | 90 minute  class 
    Invite a friend and receive 10% discount towards your private classes!
  • One month private lessons (online)
    60 minute class –  8 classes per month / 2 days per week
    90 minute class –   8 classes per month/2 days per week 

  • One month group lessons (online)
    60 minute class (two people)  8 classes per month / 2 classes per week.
    90 minute class (two people)   8 classes per month / 2 classes per week.
  • Six months lessons (online)
    Pay the six months in full and receive a 10% discount!
    With the 6 month course,  you will receive material to practice (at home) Including a Challenge “Reto: 30 días de Español” (30 consecutive days speaking Spanish) with feedback every day.
    60 minute private lessons / 90 minute

  • Classes in Mérida
    60 minutos | 90 minutos – clases privadas
    face to face – private lessons
  • Grupo Curso Semi-intensivo (10 horas) – Una semana, dos horas cada día.

Why Study Spanish?

Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers, and is the official language in 20 countries. That’s not including the countries that have not classified it as an “official” language, like the United States. As such a widely spoken language, learning Spanish not only allows you to better understand the culture and people of other countries, but it may even help you understand the communities within your own.

And if that isn’t enough, learning Spanish opens you up to some of the worlds finest literature, art, and cinema.

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Mexico Bienvenida

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